This site provides API to get data from listings.
Use HTTP GET on the following URL: http://wvpoi.batalex.ru/api/get-listings/

Possible arguments

languageLanguage code: 'en', 'fr', 'ru'
articleGet listings only for that article
positional_dataIf set to 'true', only listings with valid latitude and longitude will be selected
max_latitudeMaximum latitude of a POI
min_latitudeMininum latitude of a POI
max_longitudeMaximum longitude of a POI
min_longitudeMinimum longitude of a POI
formatBy default, data is returned as plain simple JSON. Also you could specify 'geojson' to get output in GeoJSON format
limitMaximum number of listings to return


http://wvpoi.batalex.ru/api/get-listings/?lang=frGet all listings from French Wikivoyage
http://wvpoi.batalex.ru/api/get-listings/?lang=ru&positional_data=trueGet all listings from Russian Wikivoyage, with valid latitude and longitude
http://wvpoi.batalex.ru/api/get-listings/?language=en&positional_data=true&limit=200&format=geojson&min_latitude=41.97480631113838&max_latitude=42.582410848693954&min_longitude=-71.62948608398438&max_longitude=-70.06668090820312Get all English POIs around Boston in GeoJSON format