Here is a description of the tool to generate data from Wikivoyage dumps.


To use the tool, you need to set up Java SE Runtime Environment 7. The tool is primary tested on Ubuntu Linux, however there are should be no problems running it on other OSes with JRE.


To install the tool:
  1. Download ZIP archive with the tool.
  2. Unpack the archive to any place you like.


There are 2 modes of tool's usage:

Single output file generation

First, you need to specify source of input data. It could be: Then, specify output settings:

Batch output file generation

During batch output file generation, the tool automatically downloads the most recent Wikivoyage dumps for all supported languages, parses them and creates output files in all available formats. First, with "-latest-count <num>" you could specify maximum number of dumps to download for each language. For example, if you want to generate data only for the latest dump, specify 1, if you want to generate data for the latest and the previous dumps, then specify 2. Additionally you could set different directories: